2019 Ace Race For Cash Application

“Ace Race” for Cash

Join the fun – limited to the first 6 teams that enter! Winners gets $225 Cash and Ride all Day Bracelets!                     #NCFACERACE #NCF2019

SATURDAY OCT 12, 2019    12:00pm Start
In the Junior Farmers Building #1 – Downstairs)
*Find all the locations on the Fairgrounds as a Team
*Answer the Questions – Get back to Building #1.                                    *Answers awarded point on accuracy, clarity and creativity.
*6 teams – each must have 2-4 people to a team participating
*All team members must be enrolled students in a Norfolk Secondary School
*Each team must possess at least ONE cell phone with ability to take pictures and video. NEW FOR 2019 PRIZES FOR BEST PICS UPLOADED! *Team uniforms/costumes representing DISNEY are encouraged but must be suitable for wearing at the Fair!

*No running – walk only event – Race is monitored

*Prize Money for the competition
1st place – $225 plus ride bracelet for each member of the winning team (max of 4)
*2nd place – $125
* 3rd place – $100
* 4th place – $50
* 5th place – $50
* 6th place – $50

Additional teams may be added at the discretion of the Chair